K-FAB Design Competition 2013

Tomorrow's thoughtful design
The competition will run from September 1st to October 31st 2013, and everyone can participate!
We have the knowledge, you have the ideas! You can sketch by hand, make a drawing on the computer, or why not build a prototype. All ways are possible. The only criteria is that your idea must be of natural materials, recycled materials or have a focus on environment and sustainability. With our knowledge we make a reality of your idea. The winning lamp will be produced by us.
The theme this year is recycled and natural materials.
K-FAB is looking for new inspiring ideas for indoor lighting with a focus on the environment, recycling, natural materials and durability. To seek solutions of tomorrow by taking greater responsibility for the environment, at least for the sake of future generations, we at K-FAB take our responsibility and help produce products with a stated environmental and sustainability perspective.
New for this year is that in addition to the top three winners, we will also give a prize to the fourth and fifth best contribution. The prizes consists of gift certificates and products from our assortment. Any of these five winners may also have the opportunity to collaborate with K-FAB Scandinavia in the future.
1st prize 5000 SEK travelers checks
2nd prize 3000 SEK travelers checks
3rd prize 2000 SEK travelers checks
4th prize product from K-FAB
5th prize product from K-FAB
The jury consists of:
Tommy Granström, owner of K-FAB Scandinavia
Anna-Maria L Wahlqvist, Design i Västernorrland
Li L' Estrade, Sundsvalls Tidning
Kristina Knuutti, Vanjos Inspiration
The People's Voice
All entries will be posted on K-FAB's Facebook page on Nov 1, and everyone can vote for their favorite. Each "like marking" contributes to the people's voice .
Submit your entry via e-mail to: info@k-fab.eu
or regular mail to the address: K-FAB Scandinavia, Norra vägen 12, 856 50 Sundsvall, Sweden.
We will host an awards ceremony with a reception held on 22 November, at K-FAB Scandinavia.
If you have questions about the contest, please contact: kristina@vanjos.se
Any winnings not claimed at least four weeks after the awards ceremony goes back to K-FAB Scandinavia.
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