Winners of K-FAB Design Competition 2013

K-FAB sincerely wants to thank all contestants for all the fine and inspiring contributions. The theme for this year was focus on the environment, recycling, natural materials and durability.
We say congratulations to the winners: Kristina Källstrom-Gernes, Sofia Åhl, Amanda Thörnlund, Sofia Åhl and Tomas Dalqvist.
Thanks to the jurors Li L'Estrade, Anna-Maria L Wahlqvist, Kristina Knuutti and Tommy Granström. Thanks also to those of you who voted at K-FAB:s Facebook page.
On November 22, 2013 we held a combined lunch and mingling with an awards ceremony at K-FAB where all winners were presented.

From left: First place: Kristina Källström-Gernes, Second place: Sofia Åhl, Third place: Amanda Thörnlund
Photo: Helena Hammarstedt


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