Emil Thunfors

Emil has completed his Bachelor of Industrial Design at University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

He believes that good design should work towards a better future and this is the main aim in all his designs, whether it is sustainable materials, innovative packaging solutions, or product designs that significantly improve the user’s everyday life.

He also finds it beneficial and satisfying to work together with us because:

”…as this is a business that holds the environmental issues high by producing good quality products with a limited impact on the environment. By promoting flat pack solutions and material wastage it is always a stimulating process in developing new products together with KFAB.”

Emil also thinks that products should be designed in such manner that they create an emotional bond with the user, either from superior usability and performance and/or from a visual perspective:

”Industrial designers have been producing excessive waste in the form of poorly designed products that are contributing to the environmental situation we are in today, however Industrial Design can contribute to the solution as to how Global Warming can be reversed through the expertise which our profession holds.”

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