Gustav Rosen

Gustavs design process is characterized by a search for the essential, both in shape as in concept. Aesthetics and usability is always the key, whether it’s lightning or furniture, an industrial product or a graphical user interface.

Gustav studied Design and Product development at the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm KTH, graduating in 2009. Hence he continues the long tradition of designers with engineering background.

”You know immediately when you discover a shape that touches you emotionally and feels new. If you do not feel this to begin with, there’s no reason to start the more logical and structured phase to realize the product.”

Gustav was born and raised in Stockholm, where he now works as a consultant in product design and development.
In 2014 he also opened his own Design Studio focusing on furniture and lighting. He enjoys music and playing Indie pop with his band. But of course contemporary art and design are his biggest interests.

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