Niklas Ytterström

Niklas Ytterström mixes form and mechanics in a simple and fresh design. He creates items where function and materials complement each other, preferably with a flirtation towards art deco.

In addition to his design education in Sundsvall he has studied at the Industrial Design program at the University of Lund and FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria.

”There is never a short, straight line towards the final goal of product development. An idea is born, and from that it branches out. What can be done better? A good product requires hard analytical work before it is finished.”

Niklas is from Kovland outside Sundsvall, Sweden, but currently lives in Oslo, Norway, where he works as a consultant as well as with his own design business. He has previously worked at Audi and Permobil. He enjoys watching hockey on the television and also plays a little himself. Silversmithing, carpentry and snowboarding are other big interests to Niklas alongside industrial design that is both a hobby and a profession.

For more information about Niklas works:
Mobile: +47 47 99 39 50

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