The silent light that shines during endless summer nights, the quiet moon reflecting the sun on fresh soft snow turning night in to day. Or the Aurora borealis that without words bursts in the cold winter sky like a magical firework.
    The power and beauty of scandinavian nature is our inspiration when designing atmospheric and flexible lightning for the modern comfortable home. For us, Scandinavia  also stands for simplicity, personal relationships and direct communication.
    This is how we work and how we want our customers to percieve us. Living so close to nature we take great pride in trying our very best to minimize our products impact on the environment.
    We comply with all environmental and labour laws and regulations through the entire production and logistic chain.
    K-FAB was founded in Sundsvall, Sweden in 1974 by K-G Granström. In the early 2000s, his son Tommy took over and the business expanded. Today we have offices in Sundsvall, Sweden and in Chaozhou, China, the headquarter still remains in Sundsvall, in the scenic northern Scandinavia.

Helene Romby, CEO/Sales Manager
Tfn: +46 70 210 87 82

Tommy Granström, Founder

Minjuan Blomberg, International Sales
Tfn: +46 70 612 82 23

China: +86 136 1965 6874

Maria Jensen, Back Office Manager
Tfn: +46 730 83 99 72

Kristina Hyrskylahti International sales
Tfn: +46 702 43 86 58


Choi, Office Manager

Lillian, International Sales/Order Controller

Merry, Order Controller

Queenie, International Sales/Order Controller

Miko, Order Controller

Chen, Quality Controller
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