Brian 17023
PBST metal opal gl D26*H30 Max: 1xE27 40W PBST Opal Metal Glass

Brian 17149
able Opal Glasss D24*30 Max: 1xE27 60W PBST Opal. Metal Glass

Brian 17092
ST metal CL glas D26*H30 Max: 1xE14 40W PBST Clear Metal Glass

Brian 17206
CH metal smok glass D26*H30 Max: 1xE27 40W Chrome Smoke Metal Glass

Brian 1887600
WT Glass Colorful D26*30 Max: 1xE27 40W Purple Opal Metal Glass

CE and safety
All our products are CE certified according to EN60598-1.
We also follow other markets demands on certification, for ex.
- SAA Australia, New Zealand - CCC China
Our staff on site ensure the safety of the products.

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