More than just bright

K-FAB Scandinavia creates interior lights for the modern home with exciting combinations of functions, shapes, and materials. Organic encounters industry, vintage meets Scandinavian design and discretion meets audacity.


K-fab design

Lamps with an apparently sophisticated and Nordic design which stems from nature and maximum functionality.


An exclusive collection which represents genuine craftmanship and functionality. GRANSTRÖM is inspired by Swedish Art Deco and is created in the honour of the son of the founder, Tommy Granström.



Our relationship to the light is, to say the least, very special in the north of Sweden. We need to rely on indoor lighting as the sun operates more or less completely in secret in the winter, and in the summer, we must try to shut the light out during night-time since the sun tries to catch up its winter absence with interest. This is probably why we have a unique relationship to the light which leaves evident traces in our sources of inspiration, alongside the Swedish nature.


Our head office is situated in Sundsvall and our hearts reside in the north of Sweden. To us, this means that life should be simple, practical, and relaxed, even though it doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. In our team, we are all interested in home decorating and design. We may put on our wellies and go for a long forest walk as well as we can lit a trend proof lamp in front of the fire with a glass of well-aged wine (or a cup of green tea if we try to be well-behaved).


Most of our lamps have been created based on a specific need. For us, lamps are more than just a source of light.

• Is it possible to create a lamp that can be used both as a floor lamp and a wall lamp?
• Can we combine different types of light sources in the same lamp?
• Is it doable to make a beautiful and portable lamp that can be used in, for example, the woodshed where there is no electricity?
• Can we produce a lamp in raw metal which ages naturally with time?

The answer is that we definitely can. Our congenial atmosphere and our direct contact with the production makes it possible for us to create lamps that will surprise you in both the one way and the other.

Naturens enorma källa av kraft ​

I det norrländska landskapet finner vi karga berg, prunkade buskar, öppna landskap, porlande bäckar och sprakande skiftningar i årstiderna. På vintern njuter vi av gnistrande snö, norrsken och av att kunna gå på is som är tjock nog att ibland bära tyngden av lastbilar. Våren spritter upp ur sovande träd och leriga marker och delar generöst med sig av naturens inneboende kraft. Sommaren hänför oss med ändlös grönska, mäktiga forsar och fantastiskt blommande träd, buskar och ängar. Hösten i sin tur, bjuder på krispig luft med en sol som lyser upp en färgpalett som får vilken akvarellmålare som helst att jubla av lycka. Den kraft som finns i vår natur och vårt klimat både präglar och inspirerar oss i vår design.

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